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Color Laser Printing

Color Laser Printing

Our products

- Business cards;
- Forms;
- Booklets;
- Flyers;
- Calendars;
- Postcards;
- Invitations;
- Tickets;
- Brochures;
- Catalogs;
- Posters;
- Labels;
- Leaflets;
- Menu 

Our advantages

-  Orders starting from 1 copy;
-  All work is done during the day;
-  Personalizing possibilities (invitations, postcards and calendars with imprinted personal data, tear-off tickets with numbers, and etc.);

You can print:

- Personal calendar to a certain person;
- Vignette for your child;- Wedding Album;
- Personal postcard;
- Brandbook of your company;
- Catalog of your works 


Printing materials

We use the Xerox paper for the print - specially tested and developed materials for printing to produce the best quality print.

Supercalendered uncoated sheet paper for digital color printing has a homogeneous structure, smooth surface and a high degree of whiteness.

Colotech+ Gloss Coated
Paper with a shining high gloss covering on both sides with an improved structure allows to get prints and copies of photographic quality and is recommended for high-quality color laser printing and copying.

Colotech+ Silk Coated
45% gloss on both sides of the page allows you to create extremely fine advertizing materials.

Colotech+ Super Gloss Coated
Paper with one-sided supergloss covering (90%) of the ideal flatness is the best paper for digital photos.



Xerox DocuColor 6060  - digital full-color printing machine, the ideal solution for the rapid production of small and medium runs of full-color printing products of the highest quality. Maximum printing speed on the density of 80-135 g/m2 of A4 format is 60 prints per minute.

Xerox DocuColor  250 – multifunction device enables copying, printing, and color scanning applications of high quality.  

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